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GB Infotec - bangalore

Whether it's the IPL or the World Cup, the endorsement of cricketers has seen a notable surge in recent years. Cricket stands as the most widely watched sport globally, boasting an immense fan following.

Brand endorsements in sports, particularly cricket, wield considerable influence on brands. As a leading agency specializing in Sports Endorsements and Branding, we help brands in connecting with their audience through advertisements, logos, or messages. We serve as the ideal channel to tap into this dynamic and engaging environment and its large fanbase.

As a sports creative agency we use our experience to ensure our creative sports marketing campaigns communicate your brand.

We develop creative sports marketing campaigns that turn heads and stop thumbs. We work with you to develop strategic and creative content that clearly communicates your brand message.

GB Infotec - bangalore
We offer a diverse range of sports endorsements tailored to meet your needs:

  • Creating Stadium Perimeter Boards in various formats
  • Utilizing Score Boards to engage audiences
  • Deploying Digital Perimeter Screens throughout the Stadium
  • Implementing Seating advertising for enhanced visibility
  • Facilitating sponsored advertising opportunities
  • Leveraging Jumbotron or video board advertising for impactful brand exposure
  • Orchestrating in-game or in-event promotions to captivate fans
  • Utilizing stadium wraps to envelope audiences in your brand message
  • Incorporating ads on Jerseys for direct brand association
  • Employing On-side, Twin Boards, or Legside ad displays, among other options.

GB Infotec - bangalore

Whatever your objectives may be, we can help increase brand visibility, foster greater brand engagement, and drive business growth. Our expertise extends beyond traditional advertising to encompass broader marketing campaigns and sponsorships that harness the emotional connection and excitement associated with live sports events.

GB Infotec can take your brand, logo and company to any sports venue for enhanced marketing through strategic inventories at aggressive budget options.

For customized and highly Sports Endorsements and Branding solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.